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Change the World Schools
Elementary & Middle School

CTWS Elementary focuses on nurturing and fostering a love for learning and discovery. Using 21st Century teaching techniques and innovative lesson planning, we create a safe environment for students to pursue not only required academia, but also their own curiosities and interests.

During this crucial stage in life, we also understand that building a love for learning will help student develop a stronger drive and ambition for their future studies. This will also help them find their passion in life.

Our core academic curriculum will be based off the American Educational Standards or "Common Core" as it is often referred to. However, since we aspire to become an IB school, we will be closely following the framework of PYP (the elementary version of IB). This means that many of the lessons that will be prepared in the elementary will be project-based learning. 

The practical education in our elementary program at CTWS focuses heavily on the social emotional development of each child. This provides practices for students to understand feelings that come up and how to train themselves to use them effectively.

CTWS Middle School is a time where students start to become more independent, pursuing more leadership-like roles in helping to change the world. Students in this age group will help to shape the community services the school will create. They will also use their talents to put together events to share with parents, as well as the community. 

As with the elementary program, the core academic curriculum will be based off Common Core curriculum from the USA, but we will be building our lessons from the framework of MYP (the middle school version of IB). In middle school's case, this means they will develop projects that offer practical help to the community we live in and put it into action once the project is complete.

Practical education for middle school at CTWS will continue to build social emotional skills, however, there will be strong shift in focus toward other practical skills such as Budgeting, Getting and Keeping a Job, Fix-It Yourself, and other topics students at this age will need to be introduced to as they get closer to high school. 

Interest of Application

Click here to begin the application for your child to be enrolled in our school. This process may take up to 30 minutes to complete. (Gmail account required)

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